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TANGKAHAN ELEPHANT SAFARI - TANGKAHAN NORTH SUMATRA TRAVEL GUIDES ... Located near the border of the Park, Tangkahan Village is becoming an ... Tangkahan is located about 100 km northwest of Medan in northern Sumatra. ... www.lombokmarine.com/tangkahan-nature-reserve.htm - Singapura - Tembolok - Mirip TANGKAHAN NORTH SUMATRA pictures from southeast asia photos on ... - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ] 19 Mar 2007 ... TANGKAHAN NORTH SUMATRA pictures published by ppamela2006. travel.webshots.com/album/558220008eKUdnh - Tembolok - Mirip North Sumatra Eco Tourism - About Tangkahan - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ] Tangkahan is sometimes mentioned as the HIDDEN PARADISE IN SUMATRA. It is definitely hidden and for many a paradise. It is the perfect place to get off the ... www.sumatraecotourism.com/tangkahan/ - Tembolok Hasil penelusuran gambar untuk tangkahan - Laporkan gambar Tangkahan - Berwisata sambil melestarikan Leuser :: Sabhawana.Com ... Adventure Di tahun – tahun sebelumnya, illegal loging merupakan pendapatan utama masyakarakt di hutan Tangkahan, yang mencakup desa Namo Sialang dan Sei ... portal.sabhawana.com/modules.php?op=modload... - Tembolok - Mirip Tangkahan - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ] 14 Jun 2009 ... Tangkahan is a small village on the border of Gunung Leuser National Park located in North Sumatra. It is situated at the junction of 2 ... www.sumatra-indonesia.com/tangkahan.htm - Tembolok - Mirip Roni Bayu - Ekowisata Tangkahan Tangkahan merupakan lokasi ekowisata yang terletak di Kabupaten tingkat II Langkat Kecamatan Batang Serangan. Medan yang minim dengan ekowisata, ... ronibayu.multiply.com/journal/item/.../Ekowisata_Tangkahan - Tembolok - Mirip Tangkahan - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ] Tangkahan in the Gunung Leuser nature reservation. Tangkahan river An alternative to Bukit Lawang deeper down the jungle: ... www.trijaya-travel.com/htm1/tangkahan.php - Tembolok - Mirip liburan.info - Memaknai Pesan Alam Tangkahan Liburan - Situs Informasi Liburan Indonesia, Memaknai Pesan Alam Tangkahan. liburan.info/content/view/380/43/lang,indonesian/ - Tembolok - Mirip forum.indahnesia.com - Tangkahan - Jungle Paradise in North ... - [ Terjemahkan laman ini ] 20 pesan - 9 penulis - Pos terakhir: 6 Feb 2008 In September 2006 I visited a very special place called Tangkahan in Northern Sumatra. See below a cut and paste from Thorn Tree with the ... forum.indahnesia.com › Forum › Sumatera - Tembolok - Mirip Description - Tangkahan National Park | Visit Indonesia Year 2010 ... Tangkahan merupakan kombinasi dari vegetasi dan topografi yang menjadikannya sangat unik dan sulit ditemukan di tempat lainnya. Taman Nasional Tangkahan ... www.indonesia.travel/en/destination/.../taman-nasional-tangkahan - Tembolok

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adventure Travel Review When Traveling In Tangkahan

Cheerful faces in public transport this light makes me feel a long journey by bus to Tangkahan seemingly frail. In fact a strong engine (mercy euy!), Luarannya are not dressed. Time for me to take the bus into two and the first Tangkahan for Nay. The car was first office with our guest, I relented and made the boss room, so to ride public transportation. At first I was worried Nay will not be convenient because the bus pretty ugly, no AC, etc..

In fact, comfort is also located in the heart and feelings, support facilities only. Anyway, when I commit chose field work must be ready with all the obstacles. Bus, truck, elephant, walking, sleeping in sleeping bag, bitten Pacet, etc ... For us, conservation is also efficient, could have rented a car, but it is too wasteful if only for 3 people.

In the village children have to travel several miles to school on foot dg. This time they took me traveling to schools that distance apart. Not one bit I saw unrest in the face of some mother who also took the baby and kids, they're still joking and laughing. For them this is a normal thing, nothing uncomfortable or upsetting.

So remember a friend of mine who used to be a mediocre economy, it is already rich. If used as willing to ride public transportation for her usual course, if there is now such an invitation was not able to use his car, he would complain, "Oooh, really far away, I could not make it, another car in the garage, ride public transportation is difficult, my child can not stand hot ... "And I knew exactly he was also familiar with public transportation. Only psychologists who distinguish past and present feelings.

A bit crowded, traveling 100 km more to the condition that two-thirds of the way more suited for off-road. The trip that normally can be reached by 4 hours by private car, with this bus become longer, 5.5 hours! Enhancements are due to stop raising / waiting passengers, plus a tire burst! Problem is I already knew from friends that are common to Tangkahan, even though still surprised when the eruption is big enough!

In fact even the old, the trip was fun, was interrupted by the great singers sound like a choir singing the old songs are pleasant to hear Malays entering Stabat area. Sings it down before heading inland Langkat. Imagine how difficult he was making a living to live, is it enough for a child his wife huh? Because not everyone will appreciate his efforts to sing.

In hindsight, convenience is located on the hearts and minds, if we enjoy the journey as a preoccupation, heat and even break the tires on the streets will become a kind memorable experience. To me, it's, my life, my adventure! What is important is not making light of any risk of danger, not arrogant and not pretentious ass's. I do not want to jeopardize Nay. And the goal is to channel the idealism and work for a living that hopefully diridhoiNYA kosher.